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Won't have an android version for now,pls stop asking.


v0.92 update log


The lastest version(v0.10a for Patreon

Fan-made Game Guide

The game will be updated in the early part of each month.
Tthe public version will be one version later  behind the patreon version.




Script: https://twitter.com/bokedaidu

The story will be M/M only.NSFW
It will contain musky, tentacles,hypnosis spirit possession,Cloaca

The story revolves around a small tavern.
You play as "Eyvind", 

a young wolf warrior from The Lost Spear Tribe who has come of age. 

Following a tribal tradition, Eyvind leaves home and sets out on a journey.

Everyone just sits there and you can click and talk to them,
someone can have sex after a talk,or finish their quest.

"You can get closer to the other characters by doing quests for them and getting to know them. 

They have their own personalities and information regarding other characters and what might be going on in the story.

I add some stats check just like DND and Fallout 1, 2.

You can assign your stats points at the start of the game.
the stats also contain “corruption” and “libido”As the stats increases, more scenes can be unlocked

During conversations, skill checks will occasionally appear. Whether you pass or fail depends on your stats."

Sorry if this page is too crude. I would rather spend more time on the game than here

If u like this game ,feel free to rate the game here


It will help our game be seen by more people :3


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Fan-made Game Guide(Check this if you have question)
Tavern_of_Spear-v0.92-pc.zip 579 MB
Tavern_of_Spear-v0.92-mac.zip 561 MB

Development log

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I seem to be unable to download this on the itch app. It keeps saying that there are "no compatible uploads for this title".

Try to download it on your browser then

So the 4 pictures on the right of the thumbnail...is it part of the game, or speculation?

It's in v0.10, the next public version

How to get access to lizard village after the first fight with lizard spy ( I killed him btw) ? or you have spare him


Will Thanos, Roushk, and Snow have routes where we'll be able to romance them? And what about the Orca butler? 

Time will tell :)

Hey what is the secret area described in the v0.83 update log? Been playing for quite a bit and pretty sure I've seen almost all content except that.

Check our game guide, the answer is there if u can't find them.


This game is very good! I was going to support your patreon but for whatever reason it wont let me log in or view the page, so will hopefully support it later when that fixes

Have you thought about adding cheats / sandbox? An area you can go to and choose to use, that gives you coins / health etc? As I am not the best at these type of games and find it hard completing the quests haha. 

Thx^ ^

And yeah,there are already some cheat code in the game,but since it's also one of the Patron reward,I can't share it here.

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Can someone help? I have a problem downloading this game, and itchio games in general. When its like half way done downloading it stops and it says  that the download is forbidden.

Have a nice day

- Never mind, I did it.

What's the latest in this version

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Okay, there is a sex scene about having making him horny but instead of scene he end himself, How do I get that scene? I though if I need rope to activate that scene or something?

Hello, I don't get it. Who is "him"

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You know when you got request from bull tribe to kill a lizardman spy, I remember seeing a sex scene about lizardmen wrapped hands on ground.

Nvm, I found what I wanted now.

I love this game! The gameplay is quite interesting, the characters are T H I C C and the NSFW scenes are quite creative. The only criticism I could give is that the Times New Roman font feels kinda weird to me, but that is just my opinion. You are doing a really good job!

Thx, but tbh it's not Times New Roman font haha ^ ^||

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I love this, it is so fun. I cant wait to see how this ends; great work on the storyline. The art is also amazing.


Are we going to pass over level 10 someday? It annoys me if I do some new quests all that experience will be lost, so I have 2 updates on standby...

From the v0.92 update log from several days ago -Max level now is 15

Yeah, just realized... I'm XP maxed and it doesn't show the option to level up at the room... I'll try saving and reloading.

Ok, I managed to level up... Couldn't do it at the tavern, so got to the hut at the bull tribe's place and it worked. Thank you! =D


got some problem here, already finish all the newest events. but the gargoyle scene win still locked, and last time when still doing the quest, i already beat all of the gargoyle but the scene didnt show up. 


En cuando dentran el juego para android?

as soon as they release the android game?

No android.



Btw, this is truly a fantastic game indeed

Are you meant to get an instant loss when you get close to the pyramid? As soon as the two gargoyals show up it says i lost the fight at 100%hp with 0 lust and throws me out the dungeon which seems odd. Is it a bug?

I've tested this and didn't encounter this bug. Maybe it's just because you failed your agile check and fall down to let your hp become 1 ?

i used a rope my agility is only 4 didnt think i would make it so didnt try

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How can i get the gargoyle win scene ? i have win the fight but i didn't get the scene pls help me 

(or just if the scene doesn't in the v0.92 so tell me pls)


How do i play the game? I dunno how to play it in my brower! 


You have to download, install and play it. There's no in-browser version.

How do you get into the Bull compound to get the thread ? 

If it has something to do with corruption, how do you increase it ? 

Just lose in  battle 5 time 


So no May update ?

how do you raise corruption?


By having sex with the monsters you fight.

dude you need to put some picture on the title screen and improve the screen design to select the standard attributes at the beginning of the game. I really loved this game but these things bothered me a lot. The art is simply incredible. I'm waiting for another update xD

Hey there, I wanted to ask something. I can't unlock one of the scenes and I've tried everything. Its the fifth one (the one after the sex scene with the bull warrior), can you tell me how unlock it? Or give me a hint...Plsssssss

It is most likely the scene the high endurance scene. Your endurance stat I believe needs to be at or above 5.  I just started a new save and put a lot of my stat points into endurance then went back to my original save. This is also a winning scene so you have to make sure that when you face a bull to max his lust.

Deleted 15 days ago

I really new to this game and I stuck because I don't know how the "level up" system works.. (like I got points but I don't know how to give it to our stats), if anyone knows a solution please help me 

i think, i found the problem, i got a error log what i missed before so here its is:

I'm sorry, but errors were detected in your script. Please correct the
errors listed below, and try again.

File "game/script.rpy", line 560: u'inventory_screen' is not a keyword argument or valid child for the imagebutton statement.
    action Show inventory_screen(jane_inv)

Ren'Py Version: Ren'Py
Thu Oct 24 19:45:01 2019

found in the: errors-Caro.txt

is threre a solution to fix it ?

Guys how to 69 with Drunk's Bull sleeping

When you go to the bull's village at night I believe you have around a 35 to 50% chance that there will be a bull laying on the ground but you have to have at least 5 corruption.

you mean lose in battle?

yup. have sex with the slime monster to raise corruption. if you want to get rid of it, drink water from the weird lake by the bulls place

Guys what to do if I’m stuck in the moment after the first clash between the tribes !?  Help me please!!!

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for some reason, i can download the game, but my browser goes down, and i cant find the download. i have been doing this for more than an hour. help?

edit 1: im using windows computer, btw.

edit 2: weird, but i was able to download it. i have no idea why it didnt work the first three times. ill go try out this game, and maybe give my two cents about it. i understand its very early in development (three years for the full game?), so ill just say what i can for now.

Hello, at the moment to what level can you be pumped?  10 is the limit?  Or is it my bug?

Yeah, in v0.83,  10 is the limit for now.


Здравствуйте, на данный момент до какого уровня можно прокачаться? 10 это предел? Или это у меня баг? 

I need complete Chinese, please

How much will this game cost when finished?

I still need spend three or four years to finish this game, so I don't know too now

I found bugs. When I tried to remove my clothes in the temple (this one in the bull's tribe) I got teleported to tavern. Olso when I ate jerky on first level I had 80/50 hp.

Thx for the clothes bug.

And the jerky one, it's not a bug .  Pls check its info in your bag ^ ^

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I just wanna say, love the game man! Just wanted to let you know about a small typo, during the win scene with Nauxus, while Eywing examines his physique, Nauxus says, "admiring your canvas I see?", Elywind replies "As would any artist do".  I think you meant, "As any artist would do" ? I hope this doesn't come off as disrespectful! I hope you're staying safe during this pandemic, and have a good day!


Thx, I will let Libra check this later ^ ^

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Is there something to do in the v0.83? there's only the Gargoyle fight

EDIT: maybe I've solved, but nothing of so important (I've talked with Meko about portals). Now what?

As I posted in the update log


"March was  a rest month for me  ,so V0.8 is just a small update"


Ok thank you :D




Read the post  info AGAIN

So I played this a really long time ago, but I just downloaded the recent update and it's quite different now. A lot more content. But I'm confused about some things. First, what is Corruption and what affects it? The early builds had it too but I got the impression it just wasn't implemented yet, but now it seems to affect gameplay, but I don't know in what way. Second, I... really have no comprehension of what triggers major events. I'm kind of just wandering around doing nothing at the moment because I seem to be stuck in a place where I need to wait for an event to happen and/or trigger an event to progress the story, but I don't know what that event would be or how to make it happen.

A NPC will expalin the   Corruption in the game.

if you have any question ,just check the fan-made guide.


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....Ok now I'm even more confused, because that guide is talking about beating the first boss (I didn't even know there was more than one boss) at level *one* when I can *barely* squeeze out a win against rogue lizardmen half the time at level 7.

And I guess corruption just isn't relevant yet since no NPC has explained it to me.

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...Well, the reaction of everyone when I get back to the tavern does indicate I was supposed to be doing that A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT earlier since for some reason I was out too long for them even though I've been out of the tavern for weeks on end already. TBH, you... probably want to fix that dialogue so that it actually makes sense.

...Yeeeah the entire storywriting after that just... doesn't... make... any... sense... if you've done tons of other quests before defeating that boss. Either make it required or fix the story. At the very least, make it obvious that you're supposed to, since... no one told you to and it's pretty evident that he's a boss.

Seems the guide is saying balanced stat builds are actually quite bad, which is probably why I'm having such difficulty in combat.

O...kay... um... I've done basically everything now according to that guide, and still the storyline is completely fucking nonsensical, with enormous gaps in logic and several floating threads, so... I think I can conclude it just doesn't make any sense.

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LoL, then just delete it.

And then go  make your own game, the most meaningless thing in this world is the critic who only speaks

I plan to. In the meantime, you can stop pretending you are the epitome of perfection.

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OK,then goodbye u baby

Don't forget to note me when u meke ur "perfect' game

can you not make it megasync?

Deleted 30 days ago
Deleted 30 days ago

I dont know if you're already aware of this bug, if you try to remove your clothes at any public space except the tavern, you will be teleported to the tavern.

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